The Client

Anna Pop is an extremely talented and highly sought after chef. She started her career with a small scale restaurant located in Brooklyn almost twenty years ago. Due to popular demand of her authentic food, Anna has become one of the most renowned pioneering New York restaurateurs.

The Challenge

After finding and managing several successful restaurants, Anna Pop now wanted to focus her expertise and services to catering in more private and professional settings.

The Solution
iConcept Media first sat down with Anna Pop to understand her vision of this project and to discuss launching her new brand. iConcept Media employed several detailed marketing strategies to bring Anna Pop’s vision to life. Originally, Anna wanted to name her new venture Pop Kitchen. However, iConcept media renamed it to The Pop Kitchen, making it known as TPK, a more memorable and catchy name. We also recreated her logo from her original concept, changing it to one that is more striking.
The Success
We made sure to publicize the fact that TPK incorporates several Asian cuisines creating something original, refreshing and delicious. TPK has received a great deal of attention from a wide array of audiences. iConcept Media is currently working on further developing TPK’s website.