By now, you already know how passionate we are about what we do. We are keen in having smart, self starters who are independent minded and most importantly people who are hungry and believe that this is a lifestyle rather than a job. We look for people with the right mentality and the right attitude towards life.

We have worked hard to build our reputation through our relations with clients and people and the solutions we provide. We are working even harder to have our reputation lead the way. We believe our work in this industry has only began and the best is yet to come.

Simply drop us a note of inquiry. We are always open to interns, volunteers, and other creative professionals who are looking to join our team in solving creative problems.


Our professional team is composed of creative heads and technical nerds and is spearheaded by Redeemer Resk ‘Que. We are energetic, assertive, culturally diverse, and personable. But most of all, we are problem solvers focused on helping successful and emerging businesses reach their full potential. We are driven by results through collaborative and tireless efforts. At iConcept Media, we believe that your impossibilities are our possibilities. We approach all projects, from the smallest to the largest with enthusiasm and passion. In fact, we take everything personal, hence the “i” in iConcept.