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A business will not thrive without excellent marketing and advertising. Your business marketing strategy is the single biggest factor that determines the success or failure of your business. After analyzing a company’s current marketing techniques, we can effectively execute our strategies to make your brand more appealing. Our process involves all types of marketing including market research, direct marketing, interactive marketing, event marketing, sales promotions, and branding.

Some of the platforms for the execution of marketing includes but is not limited to AUDIO­VISUAL, DIRECT MARKETING, ONLINE, PRINT, EXPERIMENTAL, LOCATION BASED and MOBILE PLATFORMS.

Public/Media Relations

How would you like to be seen in the eyes of the public? Before you can answer this question you must first understand your position in the new market. We provide all areas of Public Relations counseling. Whether you are launching a new product or simply drawing more public attention, we are here to help you from conception to completion. Our Public Relations team proactively pitches your brand to the media, getting you the attention you deserve.


Every company has unique needs. Therefore, each media plan is designed with your specific goals in mind. Our objective is to bolster your presence amongst the multitude of competitors and win the attention of your target audience with quality advertising. Our basic advertising campaign plan includes: strategic planning, media strategy, setting objectives, negotiating, media relations, publication, medium analysis and implementation.

Market Research

We don’t see market research as just a one­time endeavor. You should continually be in touch with your customers. As a result, our team of qualified and dedicated experts will work to assist you in understanding the research material that gives you more insight into making effective business choices. Using the proven effective process of the 4 P’s (price, product, promotion, and placement) we are able to reach your target audience. This process comprises of data analysis, focus groups, telephone surveys, opinion polls, mail surveys, and finally continuous demographic studies.

Concept Development

So you may be wondering, how do I reach my target audience? We are here for you. Before materializing, the first step is conceptualizing an idea. In order to execute this philosophy iConcept Media collaborates with your team to prepare a structured methodology for determining your customer’s needs, establishing technical requirements and utilizing those requirements for advertising, brand positioning, pricing, and product design.

Creative Design

Our graphic and interactive design team is like no other. We are creative design and marketing gurus. We approach every graphic design project from a marketing angle. We generate an assortment of artwork—everything from print ads, website content, and company logos to corporate graphic material, newsletters, postcards, media packages (kit), and corporate graphic materials. Remember your design work reflects who you are; It should be perfect in every way possible…as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We can make it worth tens of thousands.


We take what we do seriously. A brand is a company’s DNA—or what we call “BNA” (Brands Never Altered). Undeniably, brands are critical marketing assets, and it is an art that must be mastered. Many refer to us as brand gurus; We work passionately to clearly position the product so that the consumer chooses your brand over the competition. This technique includes logo design, web design consultation, brochures and print design, brand research, video, corporate identity packages, and more.

Media Planning

Not only does our work stand out amongst the competition, we are also always remembered for the quality of that work. Choosing a media or type of advertising is sometimes a tricky process for firms with limited budgets and experience. We have formulated a variety of ways to tackle this section of marketing. We use a combination of research tools, third party surveys and expertise in providing a plan that will easily capture and retain your target audience.

Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming with a group of people is a very important step in the overall procedure. Our company is not like any other company. We are comprised of young, fresh, innovative, and diverse professionals. We work together to create new concepts, solve problems, and develop new strategies to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

Website Services

What gets your attention when you visit a particular website? Most would agree on creativity, easy navigation, and interactivity. Your website recreates who you are, so we take pride in utilizing our talent, resources and ideas to maintain and boost your image. We are able to create an interactive cutting edge world on the web by combining innovation with technology.


Unfortunately the commonly known phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover, is not true in regards to packaging. Your products are judged on their appearance such as how nicely they’re packaged compared to similar products. In our research, over 82% of consumers make a purchase decision because of how nicely the product is packaged. Your package must be well designed in order to communicate with your target audience. Call us, we can help.

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