In the fashion heart of New York City, the Garment District, a collaboration between iConcept Media Group and the Council of Aspiring American Designers (CAAFD) has led to the opening of a flagship showroom, the iConcept Showroom. The iConcept Showroom opens this Fall, 2016, and will feature 7 to 11 international designers. Through the showroom, these designers will have the chance to build their brand in the American market, an opportunity otherwise unavailable. Among the international designers represented in the iConcept Showroom are the likes of Irina Vitjaz, Rosenthal Tee, PONYO PORCO, Jessica Van and LAISON, all of which recently brought their collections to the city during New York Fashion Week in CAAFD sponsored showcases. Redeemer Resk ’Que, Executive / Fashion Director at iConcept Media, had this to say: “The iConcept Showroom is more than a location, it is a place of dreams. All over the world there are aspiring fashion designers who long for the chance to bring their designs to the greatest city in the world. Many times these designers never get the chance to do so, which is where our showroom comes in, to connect the dots, using our already established relationships with retailers and fashion affluents while creating new ones to help build the future fashion icons. Our collaboration is through rigorous screening processes, to select, business savvy, passionate and skilled fashion designers,  bringing only the best emerging international designers to our showroom – with the goal of revolutionizing the American fashion industry.” The iConcept Showroom acts as a hub for buyers, designers, celebrities, stylists and more. Stylists and celebrities pull designs to be styled in and buyers are able to get in contact with designers through the showroom. Photoshoots and looks are available to press upon request. This collaboration is an effort between iConcept Media and CAAFD to boost fashion business/ economic interest among growing designers around the world with aspirations of doing business in America. Fashion has been a longstanding pillar of America’s economy, and the two have long been intertwined. America alone annually spends $12 Billion on fashion, with plenty of room for new designers and collections. This partnership goes a long way to aid emerging designers, utilizing iConcept Media’s experience in branding, fashion week production, brand development and public outreach.