Effective Coverage Insurance

The Client
Effective Coverage is an insurance company that focuses on helping renters, while also providing protection for landlords by positively encouraging tenants to buy renter’s insurance.
The Challenge
Effective Coverage had an effective business plan in place, however, their advertising failed to clearly convey the advantages to buying renter’s insurance. Potential clients were given more information on the disadvantages rather than the advantages, creating an unfavorable image.

The Solution
iConcept Media demonstrated to Effective Coverage that proper presentation is one of the key elements in creating an effective advertisement. We explained that positive imagery leads to a positive perception. iConcept Media suggested a new positive marketing theme that included a new motto: “RELAX…YOU’RE SAFE.”
The Success
After conducting a ten-city tour equipped with iConcept Media’s presentation materials, Effective Coverage received positive feedback, proving the new approach a success. Follow-up calls from prospective clients demonstrated to Effective Coverage that the company’s perception was now positive and would lead to increased industry awareness as a leading insurance provider for tenants.