Soojin Lee

The Client
Soojin Lee is a promising young fashion designer based out of London. She is known for her artistic designs which features aspects of nature, as well as her unique ability to mix patterns. She is known for working with Alexander McQueen among many others.
The Challenge
As a South Korean designer based in London, Soojin Lee needed iConcept Media’s help to translate her brand which would aid her start in the international market and enter the US fashion world.
The Solution
iConcept Media worked closely with Soojin Lee in order to launch and promote her brand during New York Fashion Week. iConcept Media planned and prepared her brand down to the final details for its US launch.
The Success
Soojin Lee’s collection was featured in the prestigious New York Fashion Week, commencing her triumphant journey. Members of the press and fashion professionals were in attendance. She also exhibited her collection after a successful fashion week presentation at the international trade show, Coterie. These brought her much more recognition throughout the US and lead to greater acclaim as she expands her brand.