The Client
NUDE BARRE, formerly known as Nude Bar NYC, is an up-and-coming all-round fashion brand. Their specialty lies in Eco-friendly undergarments made in various shades of “nude” to cater to women of all skin tones. NUDE BARRE products are created with comfort, femininity, and functionality all in mind. The brand was created for dancers, athletes, and other performance artists.

The Challenge
As an emerging brand in a sea of similarly named products, the company was in need of a name that would easily identify their current product and prepare the brand to launch its casual line to include everyday intimate wear for women.

The Solution
The name was changed from Nude Bar NYC to NUDE BARRE, a much more sensible and market penetrating name. The new name targeted the core audience in a way the original did not. Nude was kept because the apparel was designed to match all skin tones and barre was chosen because a “barre” is a handrail used for warm-ups in a dance studio, and this brand was created with performance artists in mind. Needless to say, the new name gives them the opportunity to expand beyond the borders of NYC.

The Success
The name hit the mark! iConcept Media is currently nurturing the brand to expand from a niche market into general women’s intimate apparel. With the creation of a new website and new inclusive marketing strategies, NUDE BARRE is ready to expand into a wider market.