The Client
New York Post is among the most popular American Newspapers. The New York Post was founded in 1801 and is the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in America. This modern tabloid is known for its striking and catchy headlines, while also being praised for its comprehensive sports section.
The Challenge
New York Post wanted to expand on its features and content by incorporating more celebrity based media and more aspects of the Fashion World. The paper was looking for publicity and branding during Fashion Week for its column, Page Six, which focuses on Celebrity News.
The Solution
iConcept Media approached this challenge with a well devised and thorough strategy. By using our connections, we were able to publicize New York Post by giving branded gift bags to fashion icons during Fashion Week.
The Success
New York Post received Fashion Week sponsorship. With help from iConcept Media, Page Six magazine was distributed in gift bags and to all attendees. Page Six continues to expand its readership as it leads in Celebrity News tabloids and most trafficked web pages.